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Acrylic fiber packing with ptfe

  • BKP325

Product details

Acrylic fiber packing with ptfe is braided from high strength acrylic synthetic yarns pre-impregnated with PTFE. The packing is then thoroughly impregnated again in special PTFE dispersion and inert lubricant. It has excellent properties of tightness, lubricity
and good resistance to chemicals.  
Excellent multi-service for a wide variety of uses throughout a plant. Used in pumps and valves, it can handle most chemicals except strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizer. Especially for the condition of middle temperature, high pressure, high speed, and where contamination is not permitted.
Service Limits: 
Maximum temperature  200°C .
Pressure      Rotating  20bar 
                       Reciprocating  80bar 
                       Valve  100bar 
Shaft speed  20m/s 
PH range       1~13 
Density          1.1~1.3g/cm3.

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