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Asbestos Compressed Sheet

  • BKS104

Product details

 Asbestos compressed sheet is made from asbestos fiber, Vegetable fiber, Mineral fiber with NBR rubber, synthetic rubber, oil-resistant rubber, acid-resistant rubber Compressed and calendared under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form, it used as sealing material in the joints of oil pipeline and sealing gasket used on automobiles motorcycles, agricultural machines, engineering machinery engines it widely used as the sealing gasket material for the equipment in kerosene, petrochemical, alkali, acid, solvent, fuel oil, petroleum-based lubricating oil and other mediums.


Asbestos compressed sheet specification:

  • Working Temperature:150-600;
  • Dimensions Available: 1500mmx1000mm, 1500x1350mm, 1500x2000mm,1500x4000mm;
  • Thickness: 0.4- 6.5mm.

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