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Ceramic Drum Lagging

  • BKR103

Product details

Ceramic lagging for conveyor pulley

1 Ceramic drum lagging Specifications:  

1). Material: Alumina ceramic tiles, natural rubber;

2). Type: Ceramic Pulley lagging;


2 Ceramic drum lagging Performance:  

1). High strength and high tension.;

2). Abrasion resistance and greater coefficient of friction;

3). The tile has the highest alumina which significantly reduces the risks of fracture or damage;

4). It is suitable for pulley performing in the extreme conditions;

5) With CN bonding layer.


3 Ceramic drum lagging Application: 

1). Eliminate belt slippage;

2). Extend belt and pulley life;

3). Excellent wear life and abrasion resistance;

4). Improve belt tracking;

5). Ceramic Lagging is essential to improve conveyor belt performance.

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