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Cotton grease Packing

  • BKP105

Product details

Cotton grease packing is Pre-impregnated, twisted cotton yarns, intensively re-impregnated during braiding.

Flexible and elastic, easy to handle,

It’s an economical packing for the limits of application stated. it have white vaseline and yellow butter two kind. An economical universal packing, is suitable for rotating and reciprocating pumps, valves, agitators etc with water, sea-water, alcohol, etc.

  • 1) Max. working temperature: -100 ~ 100 deg.
  • 2) Max. working pressure: 10.0Mpa
  • 3) PH value: 6-8
  • 4) Spec: 3x3~60x60mm

PACKAGE: In coil of 5 or 10kgs, other weight on request. A box each coil, 20kgs per carton.


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