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Diamond Pulley Lagging Sheet

  • BKR113

Product details

Diamond/Rhombus Lagging Sheet is typically used when pulleys on the conveyor must be re-lagged while still in operation, and can reduce the change-out time required to install a complete new assembly. it has the advantages of high abrasion resistance, strong anti-tensile and excellent anti-tear performance. Diamond and herringbone grooved lagging offers superior tractive properties and is designed on all drive pulley applications.

Diamond/Rhombus Lagging Sheet Advantage:

1. High resistance-abrasion, tension and tear;
2. Matching up matel pre-treating and cold vulcanized;
3. Highly improved the ultimate in rubber sheet to pulley adhesion and performance;
4. Protecting the pulley from abrade and corrosion;
5. Preventing belt slippage by increasing the coefficient of friction.

Diamond/Rhombus Lagging Sheet Application:
1) Used together with Conveyor Belt, that coating the roller;
2) To avoid roller abrasion and corrosion;
3) To eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, boost productivity;
4) Used as cow mat.

Diamond/Rhombus Lagging Sheet Spec:
1. Type: Flame retardant, and non-flame retardant;
2. Pattern: Diamond, herringbone, or flat.

  Width                 Thickness
 1500mm           8mm  10mm 12mm  15mm 

Length can be customized.

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