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Diamond lagging rubber sheets for pulley

  • BKR411

Product details

1)Diamond lagging rubber sheet 

Diamond lagging Rubber Sheet: 
Colour:black,blue,green,red etc 
Diamond lagging Rubber Sheets:
 It's widely use in detail,the ground laid stalls,easy to clean,easy to manage.
Diamond Rubber Sheet 
Thickness: 3mm-6mm 
Width: 500mm to 1500mm 
Specific Gravity: 1.45g/cm3
big size availability: 8-12mm * below2m *below30m
1. High resistance-abrasion, tension and tear
2. Matching up matel pre-treating and cold vulcanized
3. Highly improved the ultimate in rubber sheet to pulley adhesion and performance
4. Protecting the pulley from abrade and corrosion
5. Preventing belt slippage by increasing the coefficient of friction
1) Used together with Conveyor Belt, that coating the roller.
2) To avoid roller abrasion and corrosion.
3) To eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, boost productivity.
4) Used as cow mat 
 5). Extend belt and pulley life

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