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Glass fiber rope

  • BKT107

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BKT1107 Glass fiber ropes

It is asbestos free, cause no harm to health, making them ideal replacements to asbestos ones. They including glass fiber twisted rope, round rope, knitted rope, square rope, lagging rope.


BKT1107a Glass fiber twisted rope

It is twisted from texturized E/C-glass fiber yarn, as gasket material, caulking for oven and furnace doors and expansion joints. Standard carton weight is approximately 25 lbs.


BKT1107b Glass fiber round rope

They are round braided from texturized glass fiber yarn, with glass fiber or ceramic fiber core. they used as gasket on covers of processing kettles and tanks. also provides excellent service on oven doors.

Standard carton weight is approximately 25 lbs


BKT1107c Glass fiber knitted rope

They are terturized fiber glass knitted rope with fiberglass core; its service temperature of 1000°F continuous, and can be treated with graphite, they are used as filler of grooves, sealing of oven, furnace or boiler doors.


BKT1107d Glass fiber square rope

They are braided from texturized glass fiber yarns; it is excellent substitute for asbestos and metallic wire reinforced often on request. For service temperatures to 1000oF continuous. Standard carton weight is approximately 25 lbs.


BKT1107d Glass fiber lagging rope

Its outside over braided with fiberglass yarns, inside filled with cut strip of ceramic fiber blanket. it is the same as  Ceramic fiber lagging rope. It is an excellent substitute for asbestos rope thermal insulation and sealing for stove, burner, chimney door sealing, Seal for heat exchanger, kiln car.

Package: In plastic woven bag of 20kg net each; In carton of 20kgs net each.





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