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Glass fiber tape

  • BKT106

Product details

Glass fiber tape is made of best quality bulky E-glass 9 micro or C-glass 11 micro fiber yarn, which texturized by high pressure machines, woven into webbing tape by high speed weaving machines. The product offers superior insulating and heat resistant properties, withstanding temperature up to 550°C in continuous service, and has low chloride content. Available to be coated with graphite ,PTFE ,silicone rubber ,or vermiculite ,


BKT1106a Glass fiber tape with self-adhesive  

With self-adhesive on one side of glass fiber tape.


BKT1106b Glass fiber tape with aluminum foil

It is made of texturized fiberglass tape, coated with aluminum foil, as an excellent substitute for asbestos tape,it is extensively used for wrapping of steam tracer line, hot pipe protection, exhaust manifold insulation, strip curtains for oven doors, and so on.



Max temperature: 550°C.

Normal Dimension:

Thickness: 1~5.0mm. Width: 20~300mm.


BKT1106c Glass fiber ladder tape  

Woven from texturized fiberglass yarns. Applications include wrapping, steam tracer lines, hose, piping, tadpole tapes, gasketing, and curtains for high temperature ovens.



Maximum temperature: 550°C.

Normal Dimension:

Thickness: 0.8~6.0mm.

Width: 20~300mm.


BKT1106d Glass fiber tadpole tape  

Glass fiber tadpole tape is designed to meet the requirements of high temperature, low pressure service. Tadpole tape is constructed of treated cover materials wrapped over a variety of resilient core materials forming a “bulb” and “tail” construction. It is ideally suited for sealing flanges with limited bolt force, warped or uneven mating surfaces, or joints where flat tapes or packings are not suitable.



Normally used for sealing boiler door and oven door.

Normal Dimension:

Thickness: 1.6~5.0mm.

Overall width: 20~200mm.

Bulb diameter: 10~30mm.


Normal Package:

25m or 30m/roll, then 20kgs/woven bag.





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