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High Silica fiber glass Fabric

  • BKT406

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Description: Silica Fiberglass Fabric, It is a kind of inorganic fiber that is characterized by its resistance to high temperatures. Its softening point approaches 1700°C and can be used at 900°C for a long time.Silica fabric is applicable for use as a heat-resistant, fire-resistant,and corrosion resistant material in the construction of rockets, missilesand other space vehicles. Apart from applications requiring high temperature-resistance, it is also has insulation and fire prevention uses.This product conform with the GJB 1873-1944 nation military standard. SPECIFICATION: SiO2 >96%, Hot drain quantity<3%. Thickness:0.26mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.3mm With:82cm, 92cm, 100cm, 151cm Length: 46m, 50m , 100m.

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