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Metal Jacketed Gasket

  • BKG103

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Metal Jacketed Gasket(BKG1103)

Metal Jacketed Gasket can effectively avoid the gasket from out of shape, and the medium from corrosion,meanwhile it improves pressure resistance.It uses flexible graphite, ceramic fiber, asbestos sheet, and non-asbestos sheet as the filler, jacketed by stainless steel, tinplate, and red copper, etc. kinds of metal thin sheet, which is particularly suitable for high temperature high pressure sealing parts as heat exchanger, and pressure container. 

Metal Jacketed Gasket is widely used in many applications, such as heat exchangers, pumps, autoclaves, engines, valves and exhaust systems. The highest temperature is 800, the pressure is <=6.4Mpa,the leakiness rate is 1x10-3cm3/S. If both of sides be adhered flexible graphite, the leakiness rate is 1x10 5cm3/SBy their sealing efficiently, provide outstanding resilience, while the metal jacket guarantees 
excellent sealing and protects the filler against pressure conditions, fluctuating temperatures and corrosion.

Metal Jacketed Gasket Specifications:
Carbon steel,SS304 or SS316,Copper,Aluminum and filling asbestos, Graphite, PTFE as its raw materials.

Material: Carbon steel, SS304 or SS316, Copper, Aluminum and filling asvestos, graphite, PTFE as its raw materials.
Use temperature: -40-800
Use pressure: 10MPA
Application range Mainly used as flange sealing of the pump. pipe, valve, heat exchanger in various of mediums.
Supplying specification: DN10-2500MM

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