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Metal Kammprofile /Serrated gasket

  • BKG228

Product details

Kammprofile gasket  consists of a concentrically serrated solid metal core with a soft, conformable sealing material bonded to each face.It features excellent compressibility and good recovery characteristics. It mainly suits for vacuum and extremely high pressure applications. It can an be refurbished and reused and has better leak tightness than spiral wound gaskets.
BKG104a Kammprofile gasket basic style
the basic gasket without inner and outer ring.
BKG104b Kammprofile gasket with integral outer ring
It is with machined centering ring ensures optimum gasket positioning between the bolts.

BKG104c Kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring
This type gasket suits for nominal pipe size and pressure class raised face flanges.

It is the ideal replacement for equipment applications where standard spiral wound gaskets,double jacketed gasket
and corrugated metallic gaskets are commonly used, it improves performance at low seating stresses and particularly
 suits for applications where high temperatures, pressures and fluctuating conditions are encountered..

Material Tech Spec:

Metal serrated gasket  
Din material No.  Density Hardness Temperature
CS/SoftIron 1.1003/1.0038 7.85g/cm 90~120HB -60°C~+500°C
SS304,SS304L 1.4301/1.4306 7.9g/cm3 130~180 HB -250°C~+550°C
SS316,SS316L 1.4401/1.4404 7.9g/cm3 130~180 HB -100°C~+550°C

Layer Material:
Flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos, silver etc.

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