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Non Asbestos Composite Sheet

  • BKS101

Product details


Non asbestos composite sheets are made from non asbestos beater sheet with mechanically clinched to 0.20mm ~ 0.25mm thick carbon steel tangled (perforated) metal sheet tinplate insert. It is one of the best gasket materials for cylinder head gasket and exhaust gaskets. it can coated by graphite as customers request.


Non asbestos composite sheets Product Date Sheet:

  • Density: 1.30~1.40g/cm3
  • Compressibility: 5%--15%
  • Recovery: 30%--45%
  • Tensile Strength Crosswise: 70 Bar
  • Sealing performance: <0.5cm3/min
  • Performance of heat-resistance: > 150-350 Deg.C


Non asbestos composite sheets Spec:




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