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Non Asbestos Latex Sheet

  • BKS110

Product details

Non Asbestos Latex Sheet is used in sealing parts of oil system of combustion engine, engineering machine and chemical machine. It is a new sealing material can have good compressibility and recovery in small surface, properly expands when meeting oil to seal automatically. The density is higher than non-asbestos beater sheet because of one more step in the production line.


Non Asbestos Latex Sheet specification:

  • Density: 1.3g/cm3
  • Compressibility at 100 psi 10-20%
  • Recovery 40% Min
  • Tensile Strength 120Kg/Cm2 Min

Non Asbestos Latex Sheet  Size:

Width: 500MM, 1000MM


Thickness: 0.5MM to 2.0MM


Color: Black, Gray, Blue, Green, Red


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