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 Our Conveyor belt repair strip

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Our Conveyor belt repair strip

Repair strip is devoted to the conveyor belt repair.It used in conjunction with cold vulcanizing adhesive, repair the damaged conveyor belt.Repair strip to repair, protective effect on the damage of conveyor belt. it can be divided into semi curing layer and non-semi curing layer.
Different from traditional repair strip with non-semi curing layer, repair strip with semi curing layer does not need to grinding.The feature is time-saving and labor-saving.Conveyor belt could back to work in a short time after reapired.
Repair strips from the structure can be divided into common type and reinforced type.
Reinforced repair strip contains fabric layer which the common type does not have.reinforced repair strip have better wear resistance than repair strip with non-semi curing layer. So in the choice of repair strip can be according to the conveyor belt carrying different material, choose a suitable type.
Our rubber repair strip&patch wear-resisting and bonding performance close to the REMA TIP-TOP items,
and our  CN layer are suitable to most brands Solvent&Adhesive worldwide.


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