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PTFE Envelope Gasket

  • BKP313

Product details

PTFE Envelope Gasket(BKG109)

PTFE Envelope Gasket consists of rubber_asbestos, non_asbestos, rubber, corrugated stainless

steel etc. cushion material encased in PTFE envelope, resulting in a gasket with the excellent

corrosion resistance of PTFE and the strength and resilience of core material. It can be produced

in several types to meet the most demanding applications.It is widely used in thechemical,

petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Temperature range from -200~+250 °Cdepending on the core.

Mechanical strength dependent on core selection.


Compressibility:  ≥ 20%

Recovery:  ≥ 30%

Stress release: ≤45%

Leakage rate: ≤1x10-3 cm3/s

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