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PU coated Fiber Glass fabrics

  • BKT410

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Glass Fiber Fabric  is widely used in aircraft and spaceflight industry,ship industry, chemical industry,  medical industry, military industry, sports goods, etc. It is available in manufacturing FRP fishing  pole, golf pole, baseball bole, surfboard, sailboard, skis, ice stick, etc.

Glass fiber is an engineerig material, which has the excellent merit such as anti-burns, anti-corrosion, heat-isolation,  stable-size, minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity, this new material product has already covered  many field such as electric appliance, electronic, transportation, chemical engineering, architectural  engineering, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and environmental protection, etc.

Glass Fiber Fabric  has division of tubular fabric and the plane fabric: the tubular fabric includes the drive pipe,  the rope, the wind tunnel cloth, the cylinder filters cloth; the plain fabric divides(according to width):fiber glass tape(below  100mm), narrow fabric(between 100-300mm), and ordinary breadth fabric(above 300mm); the plain fabric also  divides(according to selvage):smooth selvage and coarse selvage.

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