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Sealing Ring Joint Gasket

  • BKG226

Product details

Sealing Ring Joint Gasket is a metal machined gasket mainly machined from solid metal in a variety of shapes with high quality numerical control machines. They are designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable materials and shapes. and it including R RX and BX series machined metal gasket, BX gasket  can only be used with 6BX flanges and 16BX hbs,though it is similar in style to the octagonal gaskets.

BX-Gaskets have been designed for higher-pressure ratings starting at 5, 000 lbs. And ending with 20, 000 lbs. Pitch diameters on BX gaskets are slightly larger than the pitch diameter of the flange. This forces the gasket to initially seal on its outside angles and secondly seal with its inside angles as the flange is bolted down to respective torque settings. Gaskets that have been torqued initiating a metal-to-metal seal should be discarded and not reused.

Metal material
Ring type
Max hardness Temp
Soft iron
D 90 HB
Low carbon steel
S 120 HB
5Cr1/2Mo F5 130 HB
Stainless steel 304(L), 321 S304(L), S321 160 HB
Stainless steel 316(L) S316(L) 160 HB
Stainless steel 347 S347 160 HB

Gaskets made of soft iron or low carbon steel materials are normally applied with anticorrosive oil in final production. Zinc electr
Zinc plating is also available on customer's special request, with a higher cost. Other
Other metal materials are also available on request.

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