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Uncured Rubber Top Cover Stock

  • BKR104

Product details

Fabric Belt Cover Stock is an uncured rubber for hot vulcanized belt splicing. It is designed for use as a cover rubber replacement material in splicing fabric conveyor belts.


The material is designed to bond to the cured cover rubber in all standard grades of fabric conveyor belts

  • 1. Enhances working life of fabric splices
  • 2. Improves wear and tearing resistance on conveyor belt splices
  • 3. Eliminates surface contamination (normal application) with double sided poly
  • 4. Uses poly color coding system to ID compound


Fabric Belt Cover Stock Spec:

1. Thickness: 1mm \ 2mm\ 3mm \ 4mm\ 5mm \ 6mm

2. Width: 500mm

3. Weight: Generally 10 kgs/roll

Various sizes are available


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