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Wearable Conveyor Ceramic Pulley Lagging sheet

  • BKR402

Product details

Wearable Conveyor Ceramic Pulley Lagging sheet  can be widely used in transportation industry,it is easy to apply and has been proven under all types of operating 
conditions worldwide.

Ceramic Pulley lagging sheet Specifications:
1.Highest alumina ceramic tile: 20x20x8/7mm 
2, Aluminum Oxide:92%.
3, Working temperature:≤85°C
4, Rubber Hardness: 60±5 Shore A
5, Tensile strength:15 MPa
6 , With CN bonding layer.
Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet Feature:
1,High abrasion-resistant:3-5 times longer than traditional rubber lagging
2,High strength and high tension
3,Significantly reducing occurrence of belt slippage in wet conditions
4,On-site installation is made come true.
Wearable Conveyor Ceramic Pulley Lagging sheet   Application:
It is suitable for pulleys performing in the most difficult conditions.
It is used to reduce belt slippage, improve tracking and extend life of belt, bearing and other components 
Standard Thick: 15mm
Width: 500mm 
size of ceramic tiles:20x20x7 or others
Length can be customized.


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