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 What's gasket? How to select a gasket

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What's gasket? How to select a gasket

A gasket is a material or combination of materials essentially designed for inclusion between two stationary members of a flange joint.

The primary function of any gasket is to seal effectively, for preventing leakage of the media into the atmosphere.The gasket material selected must be capable of

sealing mating surfaces, resistant to the medium being sealed, and able to withstand the application temperatures and pressures.

Gasket Selection:
Gaskets can be clearly defined into three main categories, non-metallic, semi-metallic and metallic types. the mechanical characteristics and performance of

a gasket will vary extensively, depending upon the type of gasket selected and the materials, from which it is manufactured.

Obviously, mechanical properties are an important factor when considering gasket design, but the primary selection of a gasket type is influenced by the following factors:

1) Temperature of the media to be contained.
2)Pressure of the media to be contained.
3) Corrosive nature of the application

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