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graphite ptfe packing with oil

  • BKP303

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Graphite PTFE packing is a homogenous yarn specially developed from high quality PTFE resin and graphite powder through special process. It has low friction and good thermal conductivity, and is suitable for most chemical mediums.
BKP1=106a Graphite PTFE packing
Braided from BANDAK GPTFE yarns. With its consistently high thermal conductivity, the packing ensures efficient sealing, particularly at high temperature and speeds. There are no free graphite particles on the surface therefore no contamination would occur.
BKP106b Graphite PTFE Fiber packing
Braided from super grade BANDAK GPTFE yarns, it is a good alternative to Gore GFO packing.
BKP106c Graphited PTFE packing with lube oil
Braided from BANDAK GPTFE yarns which are treated with silicone lubricant. It is an economical GPTFE packing.
Widely used in pumps, valves, reciprocating and rotating shafts, mixers and agitators. Especially designed for services involving surface speeds and temperature higher than those normally specified for pure PTFE packings. Can be safely used in all chemical pump applications with the exception of molten alkali metals, fluoride, fuming nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents. It is also against water, steam, petroleum derivatives, vegetable oil and solvents.

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